Arctic Leopard EX 800

The EX is the perfect mid-size electric bike.

Arctic Leopard


Color: Black

Meet the Arctic Leopard EX 800 — a powerhouse of electric performance priced at $9,399. With 25kW of raw power and 34 horsepower under its belt, this lightweight beast weighs in at just 180 pounds. Whether tearing up the MX track or navigating treacherous trials, its impressive 137-mile range ensures you'll conquer any terrain with ease. Unleash the thrill of electric power and dominate every ride with the Arctic Leopard EX 800. Disclaimer (Back Order 30-Days) from initial order

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Length ×Width×Height


Wheelbase 52"

Seat height /Ground clearance 34.3"/13.8"

Weight 180 lbs

Front Wheel 2.75-21

Rear Wheel 4.0-18

Tire Giant7050/Maxxis

Brake J.Juan

Triple Clamp Red Hollow CNC

Handlebar 22-28 7075 Aluminum

Front Shock Absorber 240mm, Adjustable Upside Down

Rear Shock Absorber 240mm Multilink Adjustable Cylinder

Max Mileage 137 miles (19 mph)

Max Speed 62 mph

Chain/Tooth Ratio RK Chain 12:39

Peak Power 25 kW (34 hp)

Torque on Wheel 800Nm

Battery 74V 75Ah

Warranty 1 year


• LED headlight

• TFT intelligence

• Horn

• Energy recovery

• Reverse

• E-brake

• Multiple riding modes

• Mobile phone connectivity


TECH Shocks +$1500

Color: Black

EX 800 Features


Advanced Motor

Permanent Magnetic Sychronous Motor with Adjustable Regeneration Rated Power: 25 KW 34 HP


74V 75Ah


Front: 240mm, Adjustable Upside Down Rear: 240mm Multilink Adjustable Cylinder

Unmatched Performance

Introducing the Arctic Leopard EX bike: a mid-sized electric dirt bike that's redefining off-road performance. With 25 kW (34 hp) of power, a 137-mile range, and weighing only 180 pounds, it's agile, powerful, and efficient. Compared to others in its class, its lightweight design and impressive specs make it a standout choice for riders seeking adventure on any terrain.

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